Women Creating Wealth South Africa Women’s Month # SupportHerBusiness Campaign

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About Graça Machel Trust

  • Amplify women’s movements, influence governance and promote women’s contributions and leadership in the economic, social and political development of Africa; and advocate for the protection of children’s rights and dignity.
  • The Trust Women’s Economic and Social Advancement programme advocates for the recognition of women as key drivers of Africa’s economic transformation. We support women to advocate and remove structural barriers, strengthen women’s self-belief, skills and confidence to fully unleash their potential.

About Women Creating Wealth

The problem we are solving:

The World Bank research finding is women’s entrepreneurship in is growing faster in Africa than anywhere in the world and yet women’s businesses remain survivalist micro and small with very little prospect of scaling without targeted interventions.

The WCW Solution:

We have a 3-pronged approach to the problem:

  1. The WCW AIM programme is designed to entrepreneurs to hold themselves accountable for their growth through setting goal; be inspired by great testimonies of peer who are benefitting from the programme; and promotes ongoing learning. The programme begins strengthening personal leadership and critical entrepreneurial behaviours and competencies like goal setting and systematic planning, innovation creativity, fulfilling commitment, persistence etc. We also deepen their knowledge on neuroscience of sales marketing and manging money to boost sales and market share.
  2. All these competencies help strengthen the foundation of the businesses to expand markets and become investor ready so that they can attract funding growth.
  3. Key part of the GMT approach programme design incorporates network building so that the women organise themselves and with confidence meet with decision makers and represent their interests and bring solutions to reducing systemic barriers.

The programme is pan African and South Africa is the fourth country after Malawi Zambia & Tanzania totalling 400 entrepreneurs to date– 100 per country. We aim to reach 1000 entrepreneurs in the next 2-3 years with the hope that these entrepreneurs will champion a African movement and who will be catalysts and drivers of intra-Africa Trade.

About the #Supportherbusiness Campaign


  1. Create awareness about the role and value of women businesses in surviving the Covid-19 disruption
  2. Creating profiles and databases of women businesses so that they can be found and supported.


During this August women’s month and beyond, our Women Creating Wealth entrepreneurship initiative is celebrating and calling on our communities of businesswomen and entrepreneurs across the continent to support women’s businesses.

We know women now drive the global economy and, control $20 trillion in annual consumer spending. We can no longer underestimate the purchasing power of women as consumers and business owners. We want to capitalise on this and get more women spending their money on women-owned businesses. Money in the hands of women go a long way; they spend it in uplifting families and communities. Many of us can attest that the hard-earned money of our mother’s small enterprises put us through primary, secondary and tertiary education. This has produced many of our leading educators, engineers, politicians, professional women and men. It said if you empower a woman you empower a nation.

There are many capable women in the cohort from the services sectors who are ready and wanting to do business with corporates and government. Our agribusiness and women in mining and renewable energy work in rural communities and they too have a responsibility to support women businesses where they find them.

With the Covid-19 disruption, now than ever women businesses need support as many single headed households have one primary income earner in South Africa, women. 

Graca Machel Trust has network across the continent as we kick off the campaign, we call on more women to recognise and support other women business.