Welcome Message From The Principal

Hello and welcome to the Women Creating Wealth Foundational Programme course work. We believe this foundational will equip you with the necessary tools to connect you to business networks, develop your entrepreneurial skills and boost your capacity to access markets  & finance. It is a three month programme with three parts as follows: 

Part 1: Tools and Competencies for the growing business

  • Personal Mastery & Leadership
  • Entrepreneurial Mastery

Part 2: Winning the Markets and Gearing for Growth

  • Value Chains & Preferential Procurement
  • Marketing & E-Commerce
  • Sales  & Systematising the business

Part 3: Know, grow find your money

  • Know your money
  • Understanding the Investor Landscape
  • Getting Investor Ready

Part 1 of WCW foundational programme in Personal Mastery & Leadership and Entrepreneurial Mastery. The WCW programme begins with a strong foundation in personal mastery and leadership to equip entrepreneurs with tools to self-regulate emotions as women in leadership and work with people as peers, employees and business partners. This Is followed by key entrepreneurship competencies that if mastered will increase and strengthen the entrepreneur’s resilience and capacity to be more successful in growing their businesses. An important objective of this phase of the programme is to have critical tools to problem solve personal and business issues.