Frequently Asked Questions 

How will this course be assessed? 

The criteria you need to fulfil in order to graduate is as follows:  Pay your commitment fees in full. Attend 80% of Peer & Master coaching sessions – held weekly peer learning & coaching with group of 5-6, every 3 weeks in the Exhale weeks meet with Master and bigger peer group of 30. 

Submit 100% of Mastery Toolboxes – 10 in all. Prepare your 3-year growth plan, submit and pitch a presentation of the same to confirm mastery of the WCW courses.

How is this course going to facilitate a conducive online experience? 

The Course content is divided into short bite-sized pieces to help busy entrepreneurs fit it into their schedules.  


The Course has a variety of input from images, quotes, inspiring stories, videos, articles and infographics. It also provides tools in the form of checklists, canvases and templates.  


What you learn through self-study is further enhanced through peer-group sharing and discussion and guidance and input from master coach experts. 


Should you have data or connectivity challenges PDF downloads are available for you to work from. 

What has been the experience of other women entrepreneurs who have been on this Course? 

2020 Testimonials 

In November 2020, my company sales exceeded R800K. This was the highest invoiced sales of the year and in fact the highest monthly invoiced sales ever in the history of the company. This will mean that despite Covid and lockdown, our turnover will most probably exceed that of 2019.

 I realized after participation in the program that I rated myself and my potential very low. After a few sessions I gained confidence in myself and the direction to take to grow my business. 

What makes this program special is that it allowed me space to check in with myself first as the driver of the business and it helped me to look at my business in different ways and develop new strategies to grow. 

Now I know the channels to look for funding, the funders’ expectations and how to match my ask from funders with the stage of my business. That was my WOW moment. The program has not only benefitted us individually and our businesses, but its impact has also trickled down to communities as a way of transforming them.

What is a commitment fee, how much is it and how do I pay it? 

20% commitment fees are collected from each entrepreneur as financial contribution and investment in their development and growth. The funds serve as seed funding to support the alumni business community aftercare support for 3 years – given wealth creation is a journey and not an event.

What support mechanisms will be available to ensure my success? 

We use the 80/20 principle! Your effort and commitment to do the work is 80%. Ours as facilitators is 20%. Our support for your learning journey comes in a multitude of ways: 

The WCW team provides support by: 

providing a tried and tested impactful courses for entrepreneurial growth 

introducing and orienting you to the programme

 ensuring you get access to the course from a technical perspective

 keeping track of your attendance at peer coaching sessions and submission of toolboxes to ensure accountability

 encouraging you through various forms of communication problem-solving with you any difficulties you may be facing  

Master coaches, who are experts in the field, and many of whom are Alumni of the WCW programme, will review your toolbox submissions to make sure you are on track. They will also give additional input that will enhance your understanding and inspire you.

 You will be part of a group with other women entrepreneurs going on this learning journey. Meeting weekly, you will be able to share, discuss, support and collaborate together for mutual benefit. 

All alumni are invited and have the opportunity to be part of the WCW pan African network of businesswomen through the WCW business community.