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WCW is a Pan African women’s entrepreneurship accelerator programme

The World Bank research finding that women’s entrepreneurship is increasing faster in Africa than anywhere else in the world but most of the businesses are micro-small businesses and seldom develop into larger profitable businesses.

Understanding the challenges and the untapped growth potential of women’s enterprises, the Graça Machel Trust with support from Virgin Unite began the Women Creating Wealth (WCW) Programme.

WCW is a Pan African women’s entrepreneurship accelerator programme with goal strengthen the skills and confidence of women entrepreneurs to overcome their challenges and growth barriers and graduate their business from income generation to wealth creation enterprises.

Women Creating Wealth is a Pan African entrepreneurship programme that has significantly grown the businesses and positively impacted the entrepreneurial behaviours, skill and confidence of women entrepreneurs.

To date, 400 high growth entrepreneurs have been selected and successfully graduated from the programme in Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa.

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it has been a challenge dealing with the negative attitudes from the clients as I sell them products from my business, unlike how they received me when I sold similar products, but as an employee at my previous job. I chin up, do what’s necessary as planned and keep focused.”- Bridget Lebala
Calls for a decade of action present an opportunity to evaluate and assess the available resources at our disposal to expand equality, and ensure that in the coming decade, the socio-economic advancement of women and girls in Africa is a priority. The African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement (AfCFTA) framework presents one such opportunity for the socio-economic advancement of women.