About Graça Machel Trust​


Our Vision :

  • Nurture caring societies that value social justice, promote and protect the rights of women and children.

Our mission:

  • Amplify women’s movements, influence governance and promote women’s contributions and leadership in the economic, social and political development of Africa; and advocate for the protection of children’s rights and dignity.

The Trust Core Programmes:

1.Child Development & Protection

2.Women’s Economic and Social Advancement


Women’s Economic and Social Advancement:

Building A Women Movement To Drive Social And Economic Transformation

 Programme Objectives:

  • Entrepreneurship Development: Strengthen entrepreneurial and leadership skills, confidence of mass of businesswomen and professionals to
  • Leadership Development: Groom a critical mass of entrepreneurs and professional as leaders and champions to influence institutional, regulatory and policy reform in key sectors.
  • Network Building: Build & strengthen women networks in key sectors including agriculture, finance, trade, media, technology, energy, extractives and infrastructure. and spark a movement of women who advocates for gender equality and removal of structural barriers.
  • Facilitate partnerships: to support access to markets, finance and catalytic initiatives.


Women Creating Wealth (WCW)

WCW is a WESA flagship entrepreneurship accelerator that strengthen the skills and confidence of women entrepreneurs to overcome their growth barriers and graduate their business from income generation to wealth creation enterprises.